Member Requirements

Membership in NCTUE® is open to any telecommunications company (as defined by the Telecommunications Act of 1996) with residential accounts and any pay TV or utility company with consumer accounts. Members include national, regional and local companies that provide:

  • Cable TV service
  • Electric service
  • Gas service
  • Home security service
  • Internet service
  • Local phone service
  • Long distance phone service
  • Satellite TV service
  • Water service
  • Wireless phone service

Affiliate Membership

An Affiliate Member is a member that is, or becomes, a subsidiary or affiliate of a founding member, telecom member or utility member, but which continues to be operated as a separate entity. Affiliate Members have no voting rights.

Associate Membership

An Associate Member is a member for which the combined number of new Customer Service Applications and Unpaid Closed Accounts totals less than 24,000 transactions during a twelve-month period. An Associate Member cannot be an affiliate of a member, or a division, or a part of a member. Associate Members have no voting rights.

Membership Meetings

There is one general membership meeting annually, usually in the 4th quarter.  Dates and times of these meetings are to be determined.

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