National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange (NCTUE) is a credit reporting agency that maintains data, such as payment and account history, reported by member service providers in the telecommunications, pay TV, and utility industries.


Access to past credit behavior, such as account history and payment behavior, gives NCTUE member companies a more complete picture of your credit history and makes determining creditworthiness more efficient. Consumer data is managed by the Exchange Service Center, a third-party contractor of NCTUE which provides services to consumers on behalf of NCTUE.


NCTUE hopes you and your families are staying safe during this time. As the economic impact of this crisis affects consumers, we have made reporting changes to ensure that increasing delinquency account statuses are not reflected on consumer reports, file disclosures or similar products. Reporting changes started May 1, 2020, are retroactive to March 13, 2020, and will be in effect until the end of the COVID-19 covered period, as defined in the CARES Act.


NCTUE Data furnishers will report consumers’ information in the following manner (the “COVID Reporting Changes”):

(i) if the consumer credit obligation or account is current, report the credit obligation or account as current for the duration of the crisis period.

(ii) if the consumer credit obligation or account was delinquent before the beginning of the covered period,

       (a) maintain the existing delinquent status during the covered period;

       (b) if the consumer improves the account delinquent status, the improved delinquent status should be reported up to, and including, bringing the credit obligation or account current during the covered period.

(iii) At the end of the covered period accounts and payments status will be recorded as reported by the NCTUE Services providers.

Please note, this change in reporting shall not apply with respect to a credit obligation or account of a consumer that has been reported as charged-off, non-pay, never pay, bankruptcy and fraud by an NCTUE Member.

We encourage you to visit for many additional relevant reporting details and policies.

For any additional questions regarding NCTUE’s actions related to COVID-19, please call Alan Moore, NCTUE Executive Director, 972-518-0019.

Update - May 1: Equifax Customer Care Centers

NCTUE’S Dispute and Disclosure processes are provided through the Exchange Service Center maintained by Equifax under contract with NCTUE. Due to the evolving Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution, Equifax has closed some of their Consumer Care facilities, which includes the Exchange Service Center, and which has resulted in longer than normal hold times. Please accept apologies on their behalf. The Call Center hours have been changed to 9am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday.

For faster assistance with your security freeze, fraud alert, dispute and free report needs, contact


Q. What are NCTUE® Data Reports?

A.The NCTUE data report is a record of all telecommunication, pay TV and utility accounts reported by exchange members, including information about a consumer’s account history, unpaid closed accounts and customer service applications.

This information is used by other service providers that are members of NCTUE to assist them in the decisioning. The NCTUE Disclosure Report is the disclosure to a consumer of the information contained in his or her data file.

To request a copy of your NCTUE Disclosure Report, please call us at 1-866-349-5185.

You can also mail your request to:

NCTUE Disclosure Report
Exchange Service Center - NCTUE
P.O. Box 105161
Atlanta, GA 30348

Q. What is the process to place a fraud or active duty alert on my NCTUE reports?

A.An initial fraud alert indicates to anyone requesting your NCTUE Disclosure Report that you suspect you are a victim of fraud. When you or someone else attempts to open a service account in your name, the service provider should take steps to verify that you have authorized the request. If the service provider cannot verify this, the request should not be satisfied.

An extended fraud alert is similar to an initial alert, except that it lasts for 7 years, and to verify your request, a service provider must contact you on the telephone number(s) you provided to NCTUE when you requested the extended fraud alert. A valid police report showing that you have been a victim of identity theft is required to place an extended fraud alert.

An active duty alert is available to persons on active military duty and is similar to an initial 90-day alert, except that it lasts 12 months.

For more information on placing a fraud alert (initial fraud or extended fraud alert) or an active duty alert on your NCTUE Disclosure Report call us at 1-866-349-3233.

You can also mail your request to:

NCTUE Alerts
Exchange Service Center - NCTUE
P.O. Box 105425
Atlanta, GA 30348

Q. How can I correct or dispute inaccuracies in my NCTUE Disclosure Report?

A.If you believe that any item of information contained in your NCTUE Disclosure Report is incomplete or inaccurate, notify our team directly and if warranted, we will investigate the matter with the source that provided the information – free of charge.

Please complete and return the Research Request form included in the Disclosure Report and provide details of the information you believe is inaccurate. To enter a dispute by telephone, please call the number listed on your Disclosure Report: 1-866-343-2821. Remember, you must have copy of your current Disclosure Report available during the call.

Based on the results of the investigation, we will either update the current status of the disputed information or delete the item from your Disclosure Report.

If the information that you have disputed has been verified as accurate by the service provider, it will remain on your Disclosure Report. However, you may add a statement of explanation to the report and work to resolve the dispute directly with the service provider with whom is the source of the information in question.

You may also submit your dispute via mail to NCTUE at the address below. Please include your name, address, Social Security number and date of birth in your request.

Exchange Service Center - NCTUE
P.O. Box 105398
Atlanta, GA 30348

Q. Can I opt out of pre-approved offers based on NCTUE data?

A.Yes. NCTUE provides information to companies that provide consumers with pre-approved offers of credit. If you would like to Opt-Out and exclude NCTUE information about you from being used in lists provided to companies that make pre-approved offers of credit (as provided in the Fair Credit Reporting Act), you may call us toll free at 1-888-327-4376.

You may also submit your request via mail to NCTUE at the address below. Please include your name, address, Social Security number and date of birth in your request.

Opt Out
Exchange Service Center - NCTUE
P.O. Box 105398
Atlanta, GA 30348

Q. What is the process to place a security freeze on my NCTUE reports?

A.You may place, temporarily lift or remove a security freeze on your NCTUE data file. A security freeze is designed to prevent the information in your NCTUE data file from being reported to others, such as service providers and other companies.

To determine the methods for placing, requesting a temporary lift, or removing a security freeze, please click here or call us at 1-866-349-5355.

You may submit your request via mail to:

Security Freeze
Exchange Service Center - NCTUE P.O. Box 105561
Atlanta, GA 30348

Q. How do the services under NCTUE affect residents of Colorado?

A. Under Colorado law, you may have received a letter detailing activity on your consumer file maintained with NCTUE. Instructions detailing how to obtain a disclosure copy of your consumer file are included in the letter.

Pursuant to the Colorado Consumer Credit Reporting Act (C.R.S. 5-18-106), a consumer reporting agency shall notify a consumer, by letter sent by first-class mail, that the consumer reporting agency will provide the consumer with a disclosure copy of his or her consumer file at no charge and a toll-free telephone number to call to request such copy, when one of the following events occurs within a twelve-month period:

  1. The consumer reporting agency has received eight (8) credit inquiries pertaining to the consumer, or
  2. The consumer reporting agency has received a report that would add negative information to a consumer's file

Each consumer reporting agency shall, upon request of a consumer, provide the consumer with one disclosure copy of his or her file per year at no charge. If the consumer requests more than one disclosure copy of his or her file per year, the consumer reporting agency may charge the consumer up to eight dollars for each additional disclosure copy.

For any questions regarding this legislation, please call customer service at 1-877-657-9006 during our Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm in your time zone.

Q. How do the services under NCTUE affect residents of California?

A. As a not-for-profit consumer reporting agency governed by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.), NCTUE is exempt from the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (2017 Cal AB 375)(the "Act").

If you are interested in knowing more about the information NCTUE maintains on your credit history, you may request a consumer disclosure from NCTUE by writing to us at the following address:

NCTUE Disclosure Report
P.O. Box 105161
Atlanta, GA 30348

We also invite you to learn more about NCTUE and your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act by visiting this page of our website at